Institutional Fund Management

Institutional Fund Management

We offer fund management and investment advisory services to institutional clients. We do not pool funds, but instead design an investment strategy that suits your risk and return objectives, liquidity requirements, tax status as well as statutory and other restrictions.

We utilize the capital market knowledge of our in-house team as well as external economic and political consultants to formulate our capital market expectations which drive our asset allocation and investment strategy. Our portfolio managers and research analysts are constantly working to leverage ideas and insights generated from both internal and external experts to provide the best investment strategy for your portfolio.

t Equities

We are able to both restructure your current equity portfolio and/or create a new portfolio for your institution based on the investment goals and risk requirements of your organization.

Our equity style is long term value and as such our offering is comprised largely of stocks which are undervalued by the market and have potential to re-rate; risk is also managed through longer term investments in stocks with stable earnings and income potential.

As value investors, LYNEAR has a hands-on process when identifying investment opportunities. Through our proprietary research and internally developed risk models we aim to select stocks that will outperform the benchmark in a dynamic macro environment. Our investment process will take into account the current risk profile and vulnerabilities of your business when investing in selected sectors and stocks so that your overall investment risk is managed at all times.

LYNEAR's fixed income and cash management offering has been designed to ensure that you get the best risk adjusted, tax efficient return for your investments. We will structure your investments to cater to the varying cashflow needs of your business. We can manage your investments across a range of fixed income securities including treasuries, bank and finance company deposits, commercial paper, securitizations, debentures and fixed income funds.

We manage credit risk by conducting our own independent credit research and through an ongoing monitoring process of the institutions in which we invest. We constantly review our capital market expectations and monitor the yield curve, and thereby aim to minimize market risk for a given return by investing in the appropriate duration for your portfolio.

t Real Estate

We believe that real estate can form an important part of your investment portfolio and we are committed to identifying opportunities in this asset class in order to meet the return objectives of your firm.

We analyse segments of the real estate market to identify areas where we expect above average performance based on socio-economic trends, supply demand mismatches, and an understanding of the unique characteristics of an individual real estate asset.