Multi Family Office

Multi-Family Office

Our multi-family office works with individuals and families, using our resources and extensive experience to provide wealth management solutions that meet your unique needs.

As our client, we will work with you to design a strategy that addresses and anticipates your needs, goals and risk profile. We will follow a rigorous and disciplined wealth management process that provides structure to your investment portfolio enabling you to stay on track to meet your investment goals.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to create a strategy that meets your investment goals taking into account your financial and other circumstances as well as any relevant external factors. While our recommendations will be based on a longer term strategic view, we will constantly evaluate and rebalance your portfolio and asset allocation based on our market insights and expectations, in order to manage risk and take advantage of investment opportunities that may arise during your investment horizon.

Our services include:
  • Asset Management.
  • Wealth Advisory including retirement income planning, inheritance and estate planning and helping you plan for your philanthropic goals.
  • Investment Advisory in relation to real estate and other varied asset classes.
  • Tax Services.
  • Philanthropic Services.


Be it restructuring your current equity portfolio or creating a new portfolio for you, our equity offering has been designed to be flexible enough to cater to your requirements and investment restrictions.

Our equity offering is typically comprised of longer term investments with stable earnings, together with companies which we feel have earnings potential but are undervalued by the market.

LYNEAR has a hands-on process when identifying investment opportunities. We go beyond just looking at the financial health or the “numbers” of a company. We evaluate the management, understand the business environment and the future potential of a company prior to making an investment.

LYNEAR's fixed income and cash management offering has been designed to ensure that you get the best risk adjusted return for your investments. We will structure your investments to cater to your investment goals, risk tolerance, as well as your varying cashflow requirements.

We can manage your investments across a range of fixed income securities including treasuries, bank and finance company deposits, commercial paper, securitizations, debentures and fixed income funds.

We monitor the financial stability of institutions by conducting our own independent credit research and manage counterparty risk by spreading your investments across these firms.

Real Estate

We believe that real estate can form an important part of your investment portfolio and we are committed to identifying opportunities in this asset class in order to meet your personal objectives and risk profile.

We analyse segments of the real estate market to identify areas where we expect above average performance based on socio-economic trends, supply demand mismatches, and an understanding of the unique characteristics of an individual real estate asset.

Leveraging our relationships with top tax firms, we can facilitate the filing of your tax returns and also work with consultants to ensure that you have the most efficient tax structure within a compliant framework.


We will work with you to understand your philanthropic goals and help you formulate the best structure to meet your vision; be it a trust, or an allocation of funds to charities that we will monitor on your behalf.