Our Services

Our Approach

The four founding partners and the senior team at LYNEAR have expertise in analysing global and local markets using fundamental and quantitative approaches. We take a detail driven approach to investments. The LYNEAR investment process has been designed based on this experience.

Inbuilt Risk Management

Risk management is a core part of our investment approach. LYNEAR’s senior team have developed risk measures and risk management systems for global fund managers and investment banks.

We believe in the power of information and continuously invest in our systems and databases to ensure that we have access to accurate and robust information.

LYNEAR’s technology platform has been custom built to suit the local markets while adopting international best practices.

Bespoke Reporting

At LYNEAR, we realise the importance of being able to see all relevant information in a single report. We generate bespoke reports that show your investments across multiple asset classes thus enabling you to see the full picture with regard to your investments. We make great effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information presented in our reports.