Institutional Asset Management

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LYNEAR is a boutique asset manager serving a broad spectrum of institutional clients, offering tailored investment solutions to meet client objectives. Our exceptional team possesses extensive experience across multiple markets and market conditions allowing us to serve you as a trusted financial advisor, risk conscious portfolio builder and experienced investment manager.

At LYNEAR, we are aligned by shared values of integrity, drive, rigour, innovation and respect.

Our Approach

We function as a strategic partner, addressing the multifaceted challenges of institutional clientele with research-driven investment strategies and disciplined investment processes to deliver optimal investment outcomes.

Multi Asset Investing
We engage in strategic allocation of funds across multiple asset classes, focused on maximising risk-adjusted returns within your investment parameters.
Client Oriented Philosophy
As an independent organisation, we are free from institutional conflicts of interests, ensuring all decisions are aligned to clients’ best interests.
Risk Management
Risk consciousness is a core element of our investment process. Our team does not limit themselves to measuring volatility of market prices, but also seeks to understand qualitative business and economic factors which may influence long-term risk adjusted returns.
Research Led
We follow a disciplined process driven by rigorous research and analysis, extinguishing the noise and understanding the numbers in context rather than looking at them in abstract.
Investment management is all we do. As such, our resources are focused on activities that directly benefit the client, sans conflicting priorities and potential conflicts of interest from revenues from brokerage, corporate finance or other offerings.